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Rules of the Dojang

1. All black belts must be addressed by their proper titles: "Sensei", "Sa-bum-nim", "Sir", "Ma'am" "Mr. ________ ." No first names allowed.

2. Students must maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene.

3. Students coming to class must wear a shirt, and some kind of footwear.

4. Remove shoes, socks, jewelry, jackets and hats before class begins.

5. Bow when entering or leaving the schools workout area, or when stepping on or off a workout mat.

6. Greet instructors with a bow.

7. Students sitting on the sidelines observing must not bother the class. There will be no communication with students in the class.

8. Always carry yourself upright; no leaning, lying down, etc.

9. No talking after the command to line up.

10. No goofing off during practice. Talk and ask questions only if relevant to practice.

11. When corrected, acknowledge by bowing and saying: "yes, Sir", "yes, Ma'am", "thank you, Sir", "thank you, Ma'am".

12. No jewelry allowed in class (except for post ear rings and wedding rings.)

13. Keep toenails and fingernails clean and trimmed.

14. No foul language allowed in the school.

15. The words "I CAN'T" are forbidden words and not allowed to be spoken in the school.

16. No smoking on the premises.

17. No alcohol allowed on the premises.

18. No food or beverage allowed during class time.

19 Inform the instructor before class if you are sick, injured or taking medication.

20. Do not wear your belt outside of the school.

21. When class is over, do not go outside the doors unless someone you know is there to pick you up.

22. Inform the instructors if you plan to take a break in training.

23. Uniforms must be kept clean.

24. When coming to class, bring your chart every time. (Advanced Class only.)

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