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TerHaar TaeKwonDo

Welcome to TerHaar TaeKwonDo!

Cimmeron Rose Community Center TaeKwonDo Class

Welcome to all!

For those of you who are starting down the path of Martial Arts, let me say that the path is long and hard but the rewards that you will find along the way are Great! To the students who are on the journey, you know that the path is long and hard. You also know in your hearts that this path is right for you.

In the beginning, TaeKwonDo was the national martial art of Korea, but it has recently evolved to both an international art and an Olympic Sport.

Tae translates into "to strike with feet;" Kwon means "destroying with the hand or fist;" and Do denotes "Way" or "Method." So TaeKwonDo literally means "The art of kicking and punching."

The TerHaar TaeKwonDo School is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We invite you to learn more about our school and its instructors, as well as the Rules of the Dojang. We also have a collection of frequently asked questions posed by many of our new students.

For additional information on Martial Arts, try the Martial Arts Resource Site.

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Send any questions or comments to Sa Bum Nim TerHaar

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